Users (employees, individuals, members, etc.) who fill roles within Sobol can be added from the People Directory tab, found on the left-hand side menu bar:


Users are added on an individual level by clicking on the "+ Add User" button on the top-right of the People Directory screen:


A modal will appear allowing an Admin to create a Draft or Active User. Draft users will appear in the Sobol People Directory and can be mapped to Roles in the organization structure. However, Draft users will be unable to log into Sobol and collaborate within Sobol (and orgs will NOT be charged for inactive users). Active users will receive an invite email to log into Sobol and will be able to collaborate on all objects within Sobol.


Admins can change Users between Active, Draft, and Archived status within the People Directory under the "Status" column. We recommend Users who leave your organization be moved to "Archived" status.


Admins can move other Users to Admin status under the "Permissions" column within the People Directory and selecting "Admin":