New Features

App Directory

We've updated our `Settings / Applications` page to make it so much easier to install Sobol integrations and applications.  Just hit `+ Add Application` and get a list of available integrations like Discord and Gnosis Safe.  New UX makes it easier by quickly generating keys, auto-setting permissions, and surfacing links to detailed setup instructions.  Feeling creative? Grab some API keys and build a custom Sobol app of your own.

Add Fields From Applications

Most applications in Sobol come with application-specific fields that show you important information about the application. To add these fields, open up any Team's Profile, click on the `three dots` icon in the top right corner of the drawer, click on `Edit Template`, click on the `Add Field` button and select the fields you want to add.

Application Driven Field Locking

There's nothing fun about arguing with a bot because the bot always wins.  All Sobol fields driven by external apps are now clearly marked for users as locked and read-only.  Helps avoid confusion as to why you can't edit data that is controlled elsewhere.