Wallet Support

  • Create a new account using your wallet or link a wallet to your existing account and login with your wallet.
  • We support WalletConnect and MetaMask to sign in with Ethereum.

Wish we supported other wallets and chains? Let us know on our community Discord server.


Multiple Identities

  • If only having 1 identity associated with your account ever felt limiting, now you can link as many emails, Discords, and wallets to your account as you need. No need to create and manage multiple accounts!

  • Try adding a new identity now in our brand new identities page!

Global Navigation Bar

  • Easily navigate between all your organizations with the global navigation bar on the left side of your screen.


Home Page

  • Your home page is a great start point. View invitations to join new organizations. Manage your identities and personal settings. Access support and help resources. See what is new in Sobol.


New Gnosis Safe Fields

  • See your Gnosis Safe's owners and signing threshold at a glance with these new fields on your Team's profile.
  • Learn how to install the Gnosis Safe application in Sobol here and try out these new fields!