Please note, the current version of Sobol-Bot has been fully deprecated and taken offline as of 8:00 PM EST on November 30th.

Keep reading for instructions on how to remove the current, deprecated version of Sobol-Bot, and how to install the new version.

We recommend updating Sobol-Bot as soon as you are able.

Installing the New Sobol-Bot

  1. Kick the existing Sobol-Bot from your server. In Discord, you just need to kick Sobol-Bot from your server like you would an unruly user. 

    Find the user list in your Discord server and right-click Sobol. Select "Kick Sobol" to boot the bot from your server.

  2. Invite the new version of the Sobol-Bot to your server by clicking this link: Invite New Sobol Discord Bot
  3. Make sure you resume sync'ing by running the following command in any channel in your server:
    /sobol sync stop
    Next, run the following command to complete the sync'ing process:
    /sobol sync start
    These commands are known as "embedded commands", so they will only be visible to you in the channel.

That's it! Once you've completed those three steps, the new Sobol-Bot will be up and running on your server.

For Additional Support

For additional support, see this support article, tweet at us at @TeamSobol, or email