Custom Fields

Note: Access to the organizational settings, and therefore templates and custom fields, is limited to Sobol admins. Contact your Sobol admin if you need to be changed to an admin user.

Custom Fields can be accessed via the Settings through the bottom of the left-hand side menu bar:

Custom Fields can be quickly created by clicking on the + Add Custom Field button at the top-right of the screen.

First select a Custom Field type. There are 7 types of Custom Fields within Sobol:

  • Text: User can enter free text (supports Markdown)

  • Badge: Upload a photo so Users can select icons or badges to add

  • Dropdown - Single Select: (e.g. Yes or No)

  • Dropdown - Multi Select: (e.g. Select all that apply: Funny, Smart, Nice, Nerdy)

  • Tag: Simple tags (e.g. Skills)

  • Relates To - Single Select: Choose an object within Sobol (e.g. for a "Manager" that relates to "Users" the field will search all users in the system for selection)

  • Relates To - Multi Select: Choose multiple objects within Sobol. (e.g. more than one manager)

Next, provide a "Name" and a "Description" for the custom field. (And a "placeholder" text for a "Text" custom field such as "Write your answer here...")

Finally, select the object type to apply the custom field towards. Custom Fields can be applied to Users, Roles, Goals, Agreements, or Teams.

NOTE: If you selected a "Relates To" custom field type, you must then select the "Objects" to relate the custom field towards on the Custom Field profile that will populate on the right-hand side of the screen". So, if you want a user to select their manager (which is another user), select "User" as shown in the photo below:

Custom Fields can be deleted by clicking on the three-dots icon on the far-right side of the custom field table or the custom fields profile card and selecting Delete.

After creating our custom fields we can organize them in Templates as discussed in the next section.

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