Overview Of Identities

An identity is a link between your Sobol account and a third-party account that identifies who owns and has access to the Sobol account. There are three different types of identities currently supported by Sobol:

  1. Email identity

  2. Discord identity

  3. Ethereum wallet identity

Sobol supports the ability for multiple identities to be linked to one Sobol account. This means that you can connect your Discord account, your email account, and/or your Ethereum wallet all to the same Sobol user. You are even able to add multiple accounts of the same type if you wish.

Each Sobol organization will set a required identity for each user. This required identity is the identity a user must own to gain access to the organization.

Other Sobol users are not able to see all of your identities by default. You can consent to share an identity with a specific organization, which then allows members of that organization to view your recently shared identity. You can view all your identities currently linked to your Sobol account by navigating to the identities page in Account Settings. Here you can view your identities, along with the relationships between your identities and your organizations.

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