In Sobol, you have the flexibility to design goals to the way your organization operates. Many organizations default to OKRs (which Sobol supports) because that is all they know. In reality, the way organizations view goals range from paper drills and time sucks to exact specifications of what needs to get done.
Sobol supports numerous goal types including: OKRs, KPIs, Kanban, Checklist, etc.
In Sobol, goals can be created for both Teams and individuals and can be viewed in Kanban View or Table View.
In both views you can use Filter button to use the filter options.

Goal Types

Sobol offers 4 Goal Types which are editable/ changeable in a Team or Member Goals tab:
  • Binary: Checklist style goal indicating "Done" or "Not Done"
  • Target: Specific number style goal (e.g. 3 out of 5 New Hires this quarter) with selection of a unit measurement type (#, %, $, £, etc.)
  • Calculated: Goal type that automatically sums the completion of sub or child goals nested beneath this "main" or "objective" goal and displays the result as percent completed. We recommend using this type of goal as the "Objective Goal" in an OKR. Child goals to this Objective would be the "Key Results"
  • Gauge: Monitor a metric or KPI over time (Not included in calculated goals)