Importing Users by CSV

This will open up the Upload Users Modal with all the steps we will walkthrough.


We need to create a CSV file generated from the default template fields. If you have a different template you want use, you can select from the Select Sobol User Layout dropdown menu. Click on Download Sample CSV from the bottom right corner of the modal. This will download the CSV with only header column filled. Fill in the user information you want to import in separate rows.

Name column will be the visible name of the contributor to other contributors. Status column can be DRAFT or ADMIN, if it is DRAFT the contributor will not get a message informing them they are added to your instance as a user. You need the fill in the countryCode column with a code from the list provided here. You will type in the city column manually. _userType can be Regular or Admin depending on the permission you want to give to the user.

When you feel ready, you can upload the CSV to Sobol and hit Next.


In this step you change the mapping of the fields that your CSV will effect by selecting from the dropdown menu in the Sobol Field column. Click Next when you are done mapping.


In Configure step, you will be able to edit the Status and Permissions of your users.

If any imported users are already your users, check the Update existing users check box and Sobol will automatically replace information with the data from your import. When you are done editing, click Next.


Sobol will show you the import plan including number of users to import and any updates on the existing users. Click Import to continue.


The results of the import will be shown in the create step. If there is any errors in the process, the error will be displayed on the right panel. You can reach out to our support team to help with your error.

Congratulations! you have imported your users using a CSV Document.

Click Done to close the modal.

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