Signing and Un-Signing Agreements

Agreements are editable when they are in "Draft" status (when an agreement is created, "draft" status is the default status).

Agreements can be signed once they are changed to "Active" status.

Agreements can be changed to "Active" status within the table by navigating to the "Status" column of the table, clicking on the drop-down, and selecting "Active".

A user can now click on the Sign button beneath the "Sign Agreement" column to sign the agreement. A modal will pop up to receive confirmation of the signature.

To un-sign an agreement, simply click the Remove button under the "Sign Agreement" column in an Agreements tab.

Agreements can also be set from "Draft" to "Active" and signed and unsigned from the Agreement profile page. To access the profile page, click on the name of the agreement in the table. With the profile page open in the side panel, editing is done via clicking into the field you would like to change.

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