Updating and Modifying Goals

Updating and Modifying Goals

Goals can be updated or modified directly in the goals tab of a Team or Member. After goals are created, most updating occurs by changing the "Progress" or "Status" of the goal.

Additionally, goals can be further updated by clicking on the specific goal name and editing the information in the goal profile that appears in the side panel:

Status : Change the status of the goal selected from the section of the board.

Assignees : Members assigned to the goal. The Team that the goal is created gets assigned as default, more members can be added. Removing the Team will move the goal to the parent Team' board.

Due Date : Select a due date for the goal the assignees can be held accountable.

Skills : Select the skills that could be needed for the goal.

Attachments : File attachments or links that helps the goal description. Submissions can be uploaded or linked to this section as well.

Parent Goal : Assign or change the parent goal of the selected goal.

Sub Goals : Add, view and modify sub goals;

  • Click on Add Sub Goal, write a goal name and press enter.

You can view and modify goal progress, due date, status and assignees from the sub goal section. If you click on the name of the sub goal, sub goal profile will be opened in the side panel.

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