Overview Tab contains three categories of information; Stats, Map and Profile


  • Members : Number of members mapped to the Team. Details of the members can be viewed in the Members tab.

  • Sub Team : Number of sub Teams defined for this Team. Details of the sub Teams can be viewed in the Sub Teams tab.

  • Roles : Number of roles defined in the Team. Roles of sub Teams does not count in the parent Team. Details of the members can be viewed in the Roles tab.

  • Assets : Total amount of assets in the Teams defined Safe address. Details of the assets and transactions can be viewed in the Treasury tab.

  • Wallets : Number of wallets defined in Treasury.


Map is the Circle View of this Team. You can zoom in to see the role holders and out to get a more structural view of the Team. When you click on a sub Team from the map, it will take you to the profile page of the clicked team.


Profile contains the information defined in profile template. Templates can be edited by Sobol Admins.

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