Provision Users

This feature allows you to map a Discord Role to a Sobol User Permission. Use the following commands to map the roles to those permissions:

1. Read Only: Member can only view and navigate map

/user-map add-readonly <DISCORD_ROLE>

2. Regular: Member can edit Sobol member profile and contribute to workstreams

/user-map add-regular <DISCORD_ROLE>

3. Admin: User can add/edit/delete member profiles and Teams. Full add/edit/delete access to Sobol instance. Admin should only be granted to a small handful of trusted members of your Discord.

/user-map add-admin <DISCORD_ROLE>

For example: /user-map add-readonly @everyone

You can map multiple Discord Roles to a given Sobol User Permission by running these commands multiple times. When you are finished, you can review the mapping by running:

/user-map list

You can also remove any role from the mapping by running:

/user-map remove <DISCORD_ROLE>

Important: Don’t forget to add an admin role that you have or your Sobol user will be archived or demoted.

How are these roles used?: In BanklessDAO, for instance, Level 1 users in Bankless DAO are given "Regular"-level permissions in Sobol. "Admin"-level permissions are given to "Sobol Editor", "Cartographer", and server admins. "Read-only" perms are given to "Guest Pass" members in Bankless DAO.

Note: Anyone with a Discord Role corresponding to a Sobol User Permission will be automatically added to Sobol with the highest permission level available to them. If someone loses all Discord Roles with permissions or leaves the Discord Server, their Sobol User will be archived and they will lose access to the Sobol Organization.

Syncronize Discord with Sobol

When you are ready to being provisioning, run the following:

/sync start

The bot will then start synchronizing all Discord Users with roles that are mapped to Sobol User Permissions. You can update the mapping at any time and it will update all Sobol Users accordingly.

You can pause synchronization at anytime using the following command:

/sync stop

Tip: If your Discord server has a lot of users (hundreds and thousands), use /sync stop to pause synchronization when you are editing mappings using the /user-map , /role-map or /team-map commands to avoid lag. Remember to re-enable synchronization with /sync start after you're done.

You can force a full resynchronization in the event of mismatches using the following command:

/sync force

You can also force an individual resynchronize in the event of a single mismatch using the following command:

/sync user <DISCORD_USER>

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