Agreements : Signed commitments between and across Teams.

Explorer : Sobol Explorer is the visualization of the map. You can see all your teams, sub teams, roles and members that are assigned to these as circles.

Goal : Transparent goals made between and across Teams. Goals can be viewed as Kanban Boards or Tables.

Identities : An identity is a link between your Sobol account and a third-party account that identifies who owns and has access to the Sobol account.

Instance : A Sobol Instance is the home of your organization map. Each organization has a unique instance and all your information is kept in that instance.

Members : Members are the actual people who sign up to your instance with discord, e-mail or wallet addresses. Members have their own profile pages.

Object : Objects in Sobol include: Teams, Roles, Users, Goals, and Agreements.

Profile Page : A profile page is the main view of any team, sub team, role or member where the detailed information about these are kept.

Roles : Sobol is based on roles (what people actually do), as opposed to titles. Members of an organization can have numerous roles across and within different Teams. Roles have their own profile pages.

Sentiment : The Sobol term for feedback. Sentiment is contextual, feedback is "here's how you should be more like me.”

Side Panel : Objects in Sobol will open in a side panel from the right hand side of the page. Side panel will hold an object template and let you view or edit the information stored.

Sobol Bot : Sobol Bot is the helper bot that is installed to your Discord and used to gather information and sync with your Sobol instance.

Structure : The way on organization is viewed. Sobol offers many ways to view a structure.

Sub Goal : A goal that nests underneath a goal. A goal may have one or many sub-goals that nest underneath it.

Teams : Sobol believes Teams are the Future of Work. Teams have their own profile pages and may include sub teams and roles

Template : Customizable templates for the object pages (Teams, Roles, Users, Goals, and Agreements).

Treasury : Detailed treasury dashboards for all your gnosis safes. You can see all the multi-sigs your team has across multiple chains all in one place.

User : An individual logging into and interacting with Sobol, possibly you!

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