Identity Privacy

In order to ensure privacy for Sobol users, any identities linked to a Sobol account are not shared by default and each user has to consent to allow their identity to be shared with an organization and all of the organization's members. There are a few suggestions to ensure you keep your identities safe and secure:

  • Keep your private and public identities separated from the same organization

    • If you share both one of your public identities and one of your private identities (an Ethereum wallet you use for a different DAO for example) with the same organization, any member of that organization will be able to view that this public identity and the private identity are linked together

  • Be extra careful sharing identities that could reveal personal information

    • If you have an email address that includes your real name and that identity is shared with an organization, you have essentially doxxed yourself to all members of that organization, along with any future members of that organization while your identity is actively shared

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