Note: Access to the organizational settings, and therefore templates and custom fields, is limited to Sobol admins. Contact your Sobol admin if you need to be changed to an admin user.

Sobol is built to support your way of working, not the other way around.

As such, Sobol provides flexibility to tailor Sobol to your organization.

This is done via Custom Fields which are the rows found in all profile cards.

Custom fields grouped together in a sequence is called a Template.

In the picture below of a User profile, each line in the profile (such as Personal Summary, Email, etc.) is a Custom Field. The entire card is a template (called "User Template") as shown at the top of the profile card:

When adding users, Teams, roles, goals, and agreements, you have the option to select the template you desire for that object.

Sobol provides default templates, but the world is your oyster.

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