Logging In

Users should navigate to:

You can login to Sobol either with your Discord, an email or your crypto wallet.

Discord login;

Click on Discord and authorize from the popup window that opens.

  • Email Login;

    If you/ your organization uses Google as an email provider you will select "Login with Google":

    • Login with your work email (not personal email!)

    Other users will login with an email and be sent a code via the email used in the Sobol app.

    Enter this code once received to enter Sobol. (Please check your spam if you don't see the code in your inbox within a few minutes).

  • Wallet login;

    Select Metamask or your Wallet Connect supported wallet that you want to login with.

    If you are on the Sobol page for the first time, you need to connect your wallet to Sobol.io from the popup that opens your wallet.

    After connecting, you will be asked to sign the contract in another popup from your wallet. Click Sign and you will be logged in.

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