In the Transactions section, transactions took place by this wallet are listed. Incoming transactions are marked with green and outgoing transactions by red.

The transaction cards include; direction of the transaction, time, amount and ticker of the coin/token transferred, status of the transaction, number of confirmations and nonce number. If the transaction is to another Team you can see the Team name on the card. For the transactions with the contributors, Sobol will show the ENS name if they have one or discord id if they link their identities with the organization.

If you click on any transaction the details to the transaction will be shown in the side panel.

  • Status : Status of the transaction. Can be success or queued.

  • Nonce : Nonce number of the transaction in Gnosis Safe.

  • Time : Date and Time of the transaction.

  • Safe Address : The Safe address that the transaction happened. You can copy safe address, open in Gnosis Safe or open in block explorer.

  • Chain : Name of the Chain that the safe is on.

  • With Contract : The contract address. You can copy or open the contract in block explorer.

  • Total Sent/Received : Total amount of coins/tokens that are sent or received.

  • Sender/Recipient : The wallet address of the other side of the transaction.

  • Tx Hash : ID of the transaction. You can copy tx hash, open in Gnosis Safe or open in block explorer.

  • Tx Details : Transaction Details will show the amount of coins/token transferred, direction of the transaction and the identity of the other side of the transaction. If the transaction has more than one transfers in the contract Sobol will show each transfer and the total number of transfers in this section.

  • Confirmations : Confirmations will show the initiator of the transaction, the number of confirmations and the signers that confirmed and executed.

  • Interaction : If the transaction includes a contract interaction you can see the details of the contract in this section.

    • User : The address on the other side of the transaction.

    • rootToken : Token contract address.

    • depositData : The data hash for the transaction.

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