Install Sobol Bot

While it's possible to use Sobol without installing Sobol Bot, 99% of the time you'll want to install Sobol Bot for your Discord.

With Sobol Bot installed, you can do things like:

• Sync users between your Discord and your Sobol instance* • Give Sobol permissions to specific Discord roles • Map Discord roles to specific Teams in Sobol • Set update reminders to ping specific Team stakeholders in Discord


In order to setup bot provisioning between Sobol and Discord, the following are required:

  • You need a Sobol account and have Admin permissions for a Sobol Organization.

  • You must already be a Discord User and EITHER hold server ownership or have a role with the “Manage Server” permission enabled.

If for any reason you do not have the following, please contact Sobol Support.

Install Sobol Bot

On Sobol

  1. Find Settings on the main left hand side menu.

  2. Expand Organization Settings and click on Applications.

  3. Once in Applications, click on the + Add Application button (top right corner).

  4. Once the modal opens, click on the Discord app from the selection.

  5. Once the app has been installed, configurations will open in the side panel.

  6. In the application configurations, copy the API Key and then click on Install Sobol Bot.

    1. A browser window will open and will require you to:

      1. Select the server you wish to install the bot on.

      2. Authorize the Sobol Bot with the prescribed Discord permissions set.

    2. And voila! Sobol Bot should ping you from Discord Server.

In Discord

In your Discord Server, add your Sobol API Key to Sobol Bot so that it can establish a connection with your Sobol Organization. Enter the following command:

/set-api-key <SOBOL_API_KEY> - paste the key you generated and copied in the previous step.

Congratulations, you have installed the bot and connected your Discord server with Sobol.

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