Scheduled Updates

Create real-time messaging into your discord to prompt your members to give updates!

This creates a scheduled update that will post a message at the specified frequency to prompt users to post their updates against the specified team.

The optional at_mention can be a @user or @role that will be mentioned in the update reminder message so they can be notified.

The optional channel allows you to specify the channel in which the update message will be posted, if it is excluded then it defaults to the channel in which you executed the update create slash command.

The frequency is defined using cron syntax, `minute` `hour` `day of the month (1-31)` `month (1-12)` `day of the week (0-6, Sun = 0, Sat = 6)

* is a wildcard that can take any possible value.

For more details, see


The first day of each month at 12:00 UTC: `0 12 1 * *`

Every day at 12:00 EDT: `0 16 * * *`

Every Tuesday at 14:30 UTC: `30 14 * * 1`

Every weekday at 16:00 EDT: `0 20 * * 1-5`

/update list

This will DM you a list of each scheduled update. You can then click edit on any one you wish to make changes. After clicking the edit button, buttons will appear that will allow you to pause/resume the update, edit the frequency, and delete the update.

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