Sobol supports integrations with discord and custom applications that you can add from the Applications settings.

Sobol has a robust, well maintained and documented API located here:

Only Admins have access to the Applications feature.

To add Discord integration follow the steps in the Install Sobol Bot

To add a custom application;

  • click on + Add Appication button.

  • Click Create under "Custom"

  • Enter the Name for the application, select the date to start, select your algorithm, assign a user as admin for the app, check the notification for expiration date of the API Key then click Create

  • Next use the check boxes for the permissions you need and click Close

Editing Applications and Getting an API Key

  • Edit permissions

  • Issue a new API Key

  • Delete the application

You can also edit the name and permissions or copy the API Key from the side panel that opens when you click on the name of the application.

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