Sobol supports provisioning of users using the SCIM protocol. Many third party identity providers such as AzureAD, Okta, and OneLogin provide means of provisioning with Sobol via SCIM.


Setup Instructions

The following outlines how to integrate with some common third party solutions:

  • Okta - use our Sobol Okta App to configure both SAML and SCIM
  • AzureAD - follow our docs for creating a custom app to support both SAML and SCIM



  • Version: 2.0
  • Provisioning URL:[ORG_ID]
  • Authentication: Header Authentication (Bearer Token)
  • Authentication Formats
    • JWT HS256 (symmetric)
    • JWT RS256 (asymmetric)
  • Username format: email
  • Supported Provisioning Features:
    • Create users
    • Update user attributes
    • Deactivate users
    • Import Users
  • Features Not Supported:
    • Import groups
    • Profile master
    • Sync password
    • Group push
  • HTTP Patch Activate/Deactivate: supported
  • HTTP Patch Update: not supported
  • Filtering: supported
  • Sorting: not supported
  • Etag: not supported
  • Bulk Operations: not supported
  • Status Field: supported ['draft', 'active', 'archived']