Note: Access to the organizational settings, and therefore templates and custom fields, is limited to Sobol admins. Contact your Sobol admin if you need to be changed to an admin user.

Users can access the Templates module via the settings icon near the bottom of the left-hand side menu bar:


To create a new template click the "+ Add Template" button on the top-right of the screen:


A modal will pop-over. Add a Name for the template and a Description. Next, select the object that the template will be applied towards and a current template to create the new template from. (Note: The Sobol provided default template will be the first displayed from the "Create from Template" dropdown menu:


Once the template is saved, a template profile card will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. This is where further template editing will occur.

Previously created Custom Fields can be added to the template by selecting the "Add Field" button:

Selecting the "x" as shown in the picture above will remove the field from the template.

Re-ordering the fields is done by grabbing the two-bars icon to the left of the field name and dragging it towards your desired location:

If further editing of a custom field is required, select the arrow icon to edit that specific custom field:


Checking the empty box icon will apply that custom field towards modals. A pop-over modal is created in a workspace after clicking (for example) "+ Add Goal". Custom fields with this box checked will appear in the modal when the appropriate template is selected.

Clicking out of a template profile card displays the full Template table which contains two important features. 

First, selecting the three-dots icon to the far right of a template row allows a user to set that template as the default template, as well as delete that template.

Second, the number next to the arrow icon, as shown above, provides the number of profiles that template has been applied towards.