New Features

1. Display all Members in Circles view

With this new update, you can display all your members in circles view - not just role holders!

2. Gnosis Safe prototype to further help DAO operations

We tried something cool! We added a Gnosis Safe integration for DAOs, since most DAOs and SubDAOs have multi-signatory wallets.

3. Map Discord Role tags to Sobol Roles seamlessly

With this new update, you can map users and team members seamlessly across Sobol and Discord. You now have full synchronization power!

We have added Sobol Roles in this release! (Check out our Sobol Bot documentation here)

4. New Invite Button! 

One more thing to add here–with v4.1.0, we've introduced an invite button!

Use the slash command:
/sobol invite-me-button

This generates a button in any channel in your server. Members of your server can simply click the button to join your Sobol instance